A Very Unsettled Summer


Aparte – Faction North – Filmgate Co-Production || Distribution

The intense heat and gathering storms of summer in Bucharest are the background to this unsettling, contemporary urban story. Daniel, (Jamie Sives) a journalist, receives a story from his ex-girlfriend Maria, (Ana Ularu – pictured) in which her fictional self offers to play the prostitute, to have sex with him, one last time, for money.

Lured into Maria’s game, Daniel becomes her lover once again, but hides this from Irina, (Diana Cavallioti) the real love of his life. His ensnarement is recounted in a screenplay by Alex, (Kim Bodnia) a writer and confidante to both Daniel and Maria.

As the pressure of living two lives mounts, Daniel begins to psychologically unravel. He convinces himself that if he can only author a happy ending to the screenplay, he can regain control of his life.

But life is not a story…

“A Very Unsettled Summer” is a wry, comic, seductive and, as the title suggests, unsettling film about the power of storytelling, about the way we ‘educated Europeans’ live, love and lie to each other and the consequences of blurring the fine line that separates fiction from real life.