Full Circle


Contemporary Feature Documentary I Pre-Production: Two men from rural Ireland, who served as inspiration for the movie ‘Eat the Peach’, are tempted back to the Wall of Death by a charismatic Glasgow artist with something to prove…

Full Circle is a feature length documentary, to be directed by Ross Whitaker, that tells the thrilling story of an unlikely trio and their life-long obsession with the ‘Wall of Death’.  The story begins with charismatic Glaswegian sculptor and eclectic performance artist Stephen Skrynka.  Attracted by the inherent risk and romance, he has been fascinated with the carnival attraction since childhood and this drew him to train and perform with world renowned wall rider Ken Fox.

This, in turn, led to an art installation based on his experiences riding the wall and to discovering the story of Michael Donohoe and Connie Kiernan.  In 1979, brothers-in-law Connie and Michael had constructed a ramshackle ‘Wall of Death’ on their farm outside Granard, Co. Longford, inspiring the much-loved feature film ‘Eat the Peach’ (included by Barry Norman in his Top 10 of 1986).  Though the movie immortalized their story, by the time of its release, the ‘Wall of Death’ had long been abandoned and
Connie and Michael’s dream of performing for the public faded as family life took over.

Now, forty years on, Skrynka has tracked them down in Granard and presented them with an audacious proposal: construct a new ‘Wall of Death’ and fulfil their dream of performing for the public. Unlikely as it may seem, Connie and Michael, now in their sixties, are getting ready to ride again.

Directed by Ross Whitaker (‘Munsterman’, ‘Between Land & Sea’, ‘Katie’), ‘Full Circle’ is a story of second chances, of art vanquishing death, of embracing failure and of unfinished business. Two worlds collide as the cosmopolitan artist Skrynka embraces the bog gothic beauty of Longford and regenerates a couple of back country dreamers with something to

Supported by the Irish Film Board, Creative Scotland, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, RTE, BBC Scotland
and Wildcard Distribution, Full Circle is a John Kelleher Media & Faction North co-production, produced by John Kelleher, Grant Keir and David Power.