Mae West: Boxer in a Corset


Mae West: Boxer in a Corset is a bold hybrid documentary that reveals the Hollywood comedy star’s unexplored connections with, and debt to, Queer and African American Cultures, in 1920s America. With humour and style, the film will celebrate how her controversial, ground-breaking, yet little-known work as a playwright, formed her and made her name, before she became a star, and still inspires artists and audiences today.

“Mae West: Boxer in a Corset continues my artistic engagement as a director with issues around sexuality, desire, gender, identity and stories from marginalised communities. I enjoy working across documentary and fiction and have made films that have achieved critical acclaim at the highest levels, from BAFTA nominated ‘From Scotland With Love’ to Berlinale award winning ‘Relativity’.” – Writer and Director, Virginia Heath